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Hello Beautiful Soul!

The simple fact that you are here tells me that you are being guided to connect with Spirit, to connect deeper within yourself, and reach a higher level of understanding.

I am honored to be your Intuitive Guide.


This is a personalized in-depth energy reading. By purchasing this reading, you are giving me the permission to channel your higher Self and Spirit team to provide you deep guidance about your overall energy in this season, and what you’re being called to pay attention to so that you may flow inward and upward into your personal growth and evolution.

The overall intention of this reading is for you to gain clarity. If you’ve been wondering what you’re being called to tune into energetically, if you’ve been curious about how to align closer with your higher Self, if you’ve been desiring clarity so that you can best navigate this season of your life, this reading is for you.


This reading will be similar to our Empress BLACK Energy Forecast available in our Empress BLACK Archives, but will be personalized to you.


What do you get in this reading:

  • Insight on your overall energy, what your being called to tap into during challenges, what to focus on healing and surrendering, and affirmations to motivate you

  • I will also provide any other sudden channeled messages that may arise, such as numbers, songs, animals, colors, prompts, etc., that you’re being called to look into

  • A 30 minute phone/video call with me, discussing your reading

  • Clarity!

In addition to utilizing various tarot/oracle decks to channel and clarify these messages, I will also be utilizing my own intuitive gifts. During our 1-on-1 call, I will be utilizing my gifts as a Reiki Healer reserving a safe space for your thoughts and emotions, and to provide you energetic grounding and healing. I encourage you to learn more about me and my gifts in the Goddess Lounge at


How I prep for your reading:

  • I spend at least 60 minutes clearing my channel and cleansing my energetic field by cleaning my workspace, meditating, doing breathwork, praying, and smudging.


You don’t need to provide me with any further information after making your purchase and selecting the date you’d like to discuss you're reading.

I tap into your energetic field by using your name, birthdate, and the energy behind this transaction. Once you make your purchase, I will be reaching out to you soon after to schedule our


1-on-1 session to go over your channeled messages.


I will be reaching out to you via the email provided at checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


*This reading should not be used to replace psychotherapy or substitute counseling, legal, financial, or medical services. Marissa Wells represents that she is not a licensed medical professional.

90 Min Recorded Personal Reading & Virtual Reiki Session

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