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Marissa Wells

Career History

Reiki Master

August 2017 - Indefinitely

As an Energy Reader and Holistic Pain Management Specialist, I chose to do the inner work within me and within my family before I could comfortably and confidently share my God given gifts with the rest of the World.

Subsequently, I have overcome many blockages in all areas of my life, with gratitude for the opportunity to assist others on their Self Mastery Journey.

Assignment Manager

March 2020 - Present

On the onset of the Pandemic in 2020, I found myself being intuitively guided to prepare to Live a Purpose Driven Life full time. I recognized the accumulation of all my life experiences were divinely designed to develop me into a compassionate and courageous leader equipped to design and develop OG's United - TSA at .

Beauty Professional

November 2009 - Present

As a Natural Hair Care Specialist, Loctician, & Extension Installation Specialist I enjoy meeting and working with women, men, and children to simplify and personalize looks to suit and support the confidence needed to show up in life and succeed. 

Experience BLACK Styling Team

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